Sleep Disorders Services of New York can help in diagnosing sleep disorders in patients who:

  • Have trouble falling or staying asleep
  • Have trouble staying awake or suffer from excessive sleepiness that interferes with their daily activities
  • Have unusual sleep-related behaviors and movements
  • Have trouble with snoring or irregular breathing during sleep
  • Have a problem with leg kicking or jerking during the night

Your First Step: A Visit to the Sleep Center

Before a patient spends the night in the Sleep Lab, he or she will first see a sleep physician at the clinic who will complete a comprehensive medical history and rule out physical illness or other factors as the cause for the patient’s sleeping problem. If the physician decides a sleep study is in order, the patient will come to the lab to spend the night. The bedrooms have a relaxed, home-like atmosphere and are equipped with television, radio, fan and air conditioning.

Next: After Diagnosis and Your Test Results

If a sleep disorder is diagnosed at the Center, our staff works with your physician to decide the appropriate treatment and follow-up care. You will have a follow-up visit with our physician to discuss the results and recommendations for treatment. Be sure to inquire before your study about scheduling a follow-up visit. Sleep study results are not generally discussed over the telephone because of their complex nature.

To fully understand the results of your sleep study, their implications and any treatment recommendations that are made, you should meet face-to-face with our physician. Additional procedures are occasionally needed to establish a diagnosis or evaluate a treatment. Our physician will inform you if this is the case. Results of the sleep study are reported to the referring physician, and the patient is seen for follow-up in the clinic if the sleep physician deems it necessary for treatment.

For a consultation with a sleep medical specialist ask your personal physician for a referral to the Sleep Disorders Center or you may call us directly at: (718) 544-6660 for appointment information.

Most major insurance carriers cover sleep disorders evaluation and treatment, including private insurance, HMOs, Medicare. We encourage you to check with your particular insurance company to be certain of your coverage.